WHEN &WHERE hosts intimate dining experiences in the heart of New York City

Our supper club started with 10 baguettes on a Wednesday night in 2019, fresh from a baguette making course we had just taken. In a little New York apartment, two cousins excitedly crammed friends and family around a tiny table for wine, cheese and bread. Lots and lots of bread.

Our Wednesday wine and cheese nights quickly became routine. Each week brought a different themed dinner (with more than just bread). We ate “Vitamin C Boosting Foods” to welcome the flu season, decorated gingerbread houses for the holidays, and celebrated Chinese New Year by making homemade dumplings.

Although each meal was different, the time and the place remained the same—an open invitation for whoever needed it. Some of our most memorable nights were the slap dash dinners that celebrated the fact that we had made it through another week. Our ritual was a haven to be present and leave inspired.

To us, WHEN &WHERE is about embracing the magic of gathering over a meal, family style. We take joy in hosting curated dining experiences that nourishes the body and the soul. We hope that we will be able to invite you to our table in the near future.

Because we believe in an intimate, communal experience, our dinners are currently through invite or approved applications only.  

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A self-taught chef specializing in elevated home cooking, who famously spent a summer cutting strawberries at Chez Panisse. Besides ruling operations in the kitchen at any given dinner, you can thank her for the diverse menu full of fresh flavors and a seamless dining experience.

Ask her about the Warriors or what's it like to live a true dairy-free existence.


Where you might have once found her on a film set, you can now find her meticulously setting the tablescape for each dinner. From invites, to instagram, she’s your go-to for all the evening’s details (including the bathroom flower arrangement).

Ask her about the latest internet drama, she’ll be happy to keep you updated.

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